“I’ve known Dustin since I was eight. He ran for student body president—the first in our small co-op’s history. I ran against him, but he beat me in a landslide. He inspired me to be involved in student government for several years, and in all that time, we were never as efficient, well-managed, and beneficial to the school than we were in the Bishop administration. He’s really one of the most fantastic people you could know, a great leader. I don’t often agree with him politically, but I think selfish, corrupt, and incompetent politicians losing sight of what’s really important are causing most of our nation’s problems. If you want to vote for honesty, intelligence, compassion, and efficiency—if you want your public servants to serve you, rather than vice versa—if you want to respect your leaders—I suggest you support Dustin Bishop for state house”

Luke Henson (Former fellow student at Aurora Options School,)

“I have known Dustin Bishop for over 12 years. I’ve watched him grow up into the ethical, moral, family focused man that he is today. I am so proud for the work he is doing to keep our freedom alive and well in government. He was always interested in politics as a teen and I believe he can be the voice we need today for the next generation.”

Dr. Matthew, DC

I have known Dustin for about seven years now; he is an incredible person and leader. Dustin served as my church leader for our AWANA group. If there is one thing you should now about Dustin is that he is willing to go the extra mile to make sure things are done correctly. You will never find a more dedicated human being in terms of caring for his fellow man. He is as honest as they come, and I would follow that man anywhere. I have never found a leader more approachable and more compassionate than Dustin. To say I would I highly recommend Dusty for state house would be an understatement.

Harper Trevillian (Former Awana Student)
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