Prayer Requests 10/15/2020


  • Energy and motivation for the final stretch of campaigning.
  • Wisdom to know how to spend my time in the wisest way possible.
  • Wisdom to know where to target walking in these final weeks.
  • Peace that God’s will, will be done no matter the outcome.
  • Volunteers to help walk neighborhoods and participate in sign waves
  • For knowledge about how to better publish meet and greet locations so as to allow more people to come.
  • Sleep in the coming weeks as I balance a newborn, going back to work, and working on my campaign.
  • Fair and accurate elections nation-wide that people will be able to accept the results of, no matter the outcome.
  • People would see Christ in me through my words and my actions.


  • Baby Abram is here and he and his momma are both healthy.
  • I am learning to create walk lists on my own, which means there is no more waiting on others to create my maps for me.
  • Support of family and friends.
  • Pastor email was sent out and info was put into the hands of pastors about getting the church more involved in the political process.

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