I believe that the government already receives enough of the citizen’s income through taxes, and rather than always asking for more, they ought to look at which expenses are necessary and which are not, and from that reallocate funds to the appropriate fields.   Our government ought to be good stewards of the money that is entrusted to them by the people of our great state.    Just like how in your own life, sometimes you have to make cuts in some things in order to afford others, that is how I believe our government should work.   

I would also like to look into a flat tax rate for everyone, with no deductions.   This would require everyone to pay the same percentage of tax, no matter how much they make.   Right now, although we have tax brackets, very few people actually end up paying the same percentage of taxes.   And a majority of the time, it is the lower classes who end up paying higher rates.   With the bounty of deductions that are available, some people, who ought to be paying higher taxes, find themselves owing no taxes at all, while others are being taxed the full amount due to the simple fact that they cannot afford to receive many of the current deductions. 


I believe that healthcare choices ought to be left up to the people who are affected.   When it comes to healthcare choices of children, it ought to be left to the discretion of the parents.   This is especially true when it comes to procedures such as vaccines.    Many parents, myself included, took a lot of time researching and weighing pros and cons of vaccines prior to allowing themselves, or their children, to receive them.  However, I also believe that there ought to be an easier way for people to do this research with trusted sources, without having to wonder if the sources they have found are actually reliable.   One way to do this would be to ask a group of medical professionals, some who are in favor of vaccines, and some who are against them, to come together, and give their reasons and the data behind those reasons, and compile them in a place that the average citizen can easily find them and can therefore make an educated decision for themselves.

I very firmly believe that everyone has the right to life. This includes those who are still in the womb. I believe that the act of taking an innocent life is not acceptable in any regard. I understand that some pregnancies are not the fault of the mother, however, it is also not the fault of the child, and therefore it is wrong to kill a child for this reason. I will support organizations that give resources and help to parents who are in these situations, and I will fight to protect even the smallest of children.

I do not approve of a government run healthcare system.

Government Transparency

I fully believe that our government, both nationally and locally, was created to be a government by the people, and for the people. Our government was not created to be run by a group of elitists, but by the average everyday citizen. Therefore, I believe that the laws created therein, ought to be written in such a way as to be understandable by the people. Therefore, I would attempt to provide an unbiased explanation of laws that are easier to understand without having to comprehend the law in it’s entirety and would make this information readily available.

I plan to lead by example by posting my campaign finance ledger monthly on the last day of the month, so that I can be held accountable for the money spent. I believe that this will help to show that I am responsible with money, and that I know how to stay on budget and campaign frugally.


I am very proud of Colorado being one of the states that offers a school of choice (Colorado Revised Statutes § 22-36-101). What this means is that parents are allowed to enroll their students into schools even if they are not zoned for that specific school or even that school district. This allows for competition between schools, and challenges schools to become the very best. I also very firmly believe in the right to home educate your children. Colorado has laws (Colorado Revised Statutes § 22-33-104.5.) that allow this in our state, and I would fully defend these laws to the best of my ability. I am also very proud of Colorado for offering home educated, and public educated students, who do not have an opportunity at their own school, to participate in programs offered through other schools nearby, this covers Sports, Drama, Speech and Debate, as well as other activities (Colorado Revised Statutes § 22-32-116.5).

Daylight savings time

If elected I would also consider putting forward legislation to end daylight savings time for the sate of Colorado. I fully believe that there was a time and a place in which this was a benefit to all, but today I believe it to cause more issues than it resolves. As a parent it is hard to get your children adjusted to the new time, and as an adult it can cause drowsiness, which leads to more traffic accidents, and less productive employees.

2nd Amendment

I am a proud gun owner and supporter of the second amendment.  I firmly believe that we as Americans, have the constitutional right to own guns, and this should not be restricted by the type of gun, or the number of rounds that it can hold.    People have many reasons behind owning a gun, from personal protection, to recreational target shooting, to hunting, and even competition shooting.  But no matter the use, people have the right to own a firearm.  I am also a supporter of background checks in order to keep at least some guns out of the hands of criminals.  I do however, understand that this process does not stop the sale of every gun to those who have ill intentions, but I believe that it is the best way to prevent some sales, without hindering those who plan to use the firearms responsibly for the previously stated reasons.   

I believe one of the best ways to prevent accidental discharge, and “family fire” is to educate children on the dangers of firearms, and how to safely use them.  When a child is taught to respect a firearm from a young age, they are less likely to treat it as a toy and accidentally cause an accident.  I also believe that it is the gun owner’s responsibility to store the gun in a safe manner, so as to not allow for an accident to happen.   However, I oppose the bill (HB-1355) that was put forward in the state house this year that would require, by law, that gun owners store a firearm in a place that would not be accessible to any juvenile.  Again, I believe that it is the responsibility of a gun owner to store their guns in a safe manner, however this law would require those who purchased guns for self-protection to keep their gun locked.   This causes a problem when this firearm would be necessary should a violent intruder enter their home.   The intruder would not wait for the owner to unlock their gun, and therefore, the gun that was intended to protect them in this instance would be rendered useless.  


I am so thankful to live in such a beautiful state as the great state of Colorado! I believe that this beauty was created by God whom set us, as human beings, to be in charge of it. With this charge it is important for us to be good stewards of the environment around us. I would therefore stand behind legislation that promotes outdoor activities. Which would encourage more people to fall in love with the outdoors. Because I believe that when people learn to love the outdoors, it encourages them to take better care of it. I want to be sure that our open spaces, trails, parks, and other natural areas are well maintained and preserved for future generations.

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